Ingalls Blueberry Hill

Organic Family Farm

Certified Organic, You Pick Em'

  Ingalls Blueberry Hill is a third, going on fourth, generation blueberry farm operating in Otsego county. We are a you-pick, 100% NOFA certified organic farm that has been a number one spot to be every summer for locals and tourists alike. 

  The ten acre field was planted in the 1970s, by the Farmer, David Ingalls and his father Rodney Ingalls, who grew up on the family farm back when it was a dairy farm in the 60s.  Davids four sons continue the tradition. 

Please note:

  • Tasting berries is acceptable, but “no grazing”.  Grazing is for cows and sheep. Small children ( under 3 ) will be required to return in 20 years and pay for all the berries they ate.
  • Bathroom facilities are located on the west side of the field, -an out-house with soap and water.
  • Water for washing and drinking is available at the end of the blueberry shack, we encourage bringing your own reusable water to fill up!
  • Did you know that we brought in over 800,000 honey bees and bumblebees for the spring pollination of our berries? Or, that this spring, we spend nine weeks on our knees pruning (and sometimes praying).

Know your farmer; know how we farm; and know what you eat. 

           Blessings from David, Darlene,
and the rest of the Ingalls Family