You Pick Em’
Certified Organic Blueberries

136 Seminary Road, Milford, NY 13807
(607) 547-2600(607) 437-7910(cell)

'You Pick Em' Certified Organic Blueberries

IMG_2418Ingalls Blueberry Hill farm is located 5 miles south of Cooperstown, NY. Look for a sign on State Route 28 pointing you west on Seminary Road. The blueberry field is on a 10 acre field overlooking the Susquehanna Valley and the Cooperstown Dreams Park ball fields. Blueberries are considered the ‘gold standard’ of superfoods. They are high in antioxidants have been shown to protect our bodies against diabetes, cardiovascular disease, memory loss, and cancer. Our blueberries are rain-washed and touched only by your hands. Besides the fresh air and country exercise, you get a free dose of mental health without a script. It doesn’t get much better than that! Our ‘certified organic’ status is especially attractive to parents who care for their young children. At Ingalls Blueberry Hill your children are always welcome. However, we will expect them to come back in 20 years and pay for all the berries they ate while their parents were picking. There is plenty of free parking and available bathroom facilities. Water is good and plentiful for hand-washing and for drinking. The fields are well cared for and the grass between the rows is neatly mowed. People picked over 8 tons of berries last blueberry season. One or two gallon buckets are available for picking and they come with a removable plastic bag in which to take home your berries. The back-to-the-land experience is an added-plus for families coming from cities that do not have Pick-Your-Own farms in their suburbs. The farmer, David Ingalls, grew up on this family farm when it was a dairy farm back in the 60s. He and his wife raised their four sons on this family farm. Their sons still retain their love of the land. Coming to Ingalls Blueberry Hill is like coming home. We will look forward to meeting you.  

David Ingalls

COVID-19 Policies

 We will be following established outside air standards as prescribed  by the Cornell's Cooperative Extension and NYS Department of Health for field 'You-Pick' farm businesses:

  • Eleven foot safety distances will be maintained between berry rows.
  • Buckets will be disinfected prior to usage for each customer.
  • New plastic liners will be inserted in all picking buckets.
  • Employees serving the public will be wearing masks.
  • Bathroom facilities will be sanitized between usage.
  • Customers will be required to be in good health before entering the field.  
  • All pickers will get healthy, nutrious and delicious blueberries for a fair price followed by service with a smile. 

David and Darlene Ingalls

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Our Season

Our 2020 Season has Ended (8/18/20)
Thank you to all for your patronage.  We look forward to seeing you next year!


Field opens (2021 Hours):
• Monday through Friday: 7am-1pm; 5pm-dark;
• Saturday: 7am-1pm;
• Sunday: Closed
(Berries will be good and ripe on Monday morning!)

607-547-2600 OR 607-437-7910.

We accept cash or checks only.
2020 Price was $3.60/pound 

If you pick over 50 lbs., receive a free jar of blueberry blossom honey OR blueberry jam OR a jar of Ingalls maple syrup!

Whether you come from Brooklyn, Baltimore or Cooperstown, there is plenty of FREE parking.

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Ingalls Blueberry Hill
'You Pick Em'
Certified Organic Blueberries

David and Darlene Ingalls
136 Seminary Road
Milford, NY 13807
(607) 547-2600(607) 437-7910(cell)




Welcome to Ingalls Blueberry Hill

NOFA – NY Certified Organic, LLC #2010061

Please Note: Our berries are much better than the Northeast average!

Tasting berries is acceptable, but ‘no grazing’. Grazing is for cows and sheep. Small children (under 3) will be required to return in 20 years and pay for all the berries they ate.

Bathroom facilities are located on the west side of the field – an out-house with soap and water.

Water for washing and for drinking is available at the end of the blueberry shack.

The bears are not real, never were, so don’t be afraid.

For the ‘want to know folks, we have an informational sheet for the asking:
e.g. Did you know that we brought in over 800,000 honey bees and bumble bees for spring pollination?
Or, that this spring, four of us spend nine weeks on our knees pruning (and some of the time praying)?

Know your farmer; know how we farm; and know what you eat.

Blessings from David and Darlene Ingalls